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Your benefits as patrons at this level are substantial, because your patronage makes possible my work, offers me fiscal sovereignty and allows me to complete this work in alignment with my dís-ability.

Benefits of Community Membership

--Immediate access to our private classroom, where I house all of my current and past patron work for easy access, along with academic resources, video tutorials, seasonal lore and ebook downloads of past and current work

--Immediate enrollment in ALL self-study Wild Soul School courses, including:

Wild Soul Runes: In this class we will begin with a question, “What do the runes mean?” From this starting place we will weave a journey of deepening and opening our personal gnosis, our intuition and knowing, with the intention of developing or transforming a personal rune practice through direct relationship with these ancient beings.

Over the course of four weeks we will attempt to answer the question of meaning and the runes by using a web of wyrd perspective, weaving between ritual practice, creative structure, history, translation, runic philosophy and personal gnosis work.
For four weeks we will meet in gnosis groups, to share what we are learning and experiencing in community. We will examine the possibilities of runes as beings, of the source of the runes in the feminine, and develop a variety of tools and resources for personal rune practice and sovereign relationship building.

Wild Soul Runes Live Gnosis Practice: A 33 week practice for deepening your relationship with the runes

The Feast of the Dísir: The Dísir are the spirits of ancestral grandmothers as named by ancient text sources in the Germanic tradition, including the Merseburg Charms. Believed to include the Norns--the triple giantesses who carve fate on the world tree at birth--the Dísir are helpers and healers of a lineage, supportive of children and birthing folk, nourishing in the repair of wyrd or fate and the debts owed to the past in the present. While this practice names and explores the Dísir, ancestral traditions often call on the mothers or fates for assistance, and in this devotional journey all ancestors may be honored and celebrated.

In this practice we will learn/return to:
The power of daily ritual.
Creating sacred devotional space.
Learning ancestral songs, foods and earth-based traditions for honoring the seasons.
Rooting in to the potency of our purpose and path.
Exploring current manifestations of the witch wound and avenues for healing.
Restoring land-based connection with the place where we live.

Living Ancestral Connection: When people connect with their earth-based spiritual history, they begin to claim and create a life of sovereignty and interconnected healing. We all have the power within us, lineages of potency connected to source-wisdom, the beings and creatures of the elements, plants, place.

I was told in a dream to offer a class in ancestral connection, which has been my soul work for the past eight years. We will explore the potentials of storytelling, genealogy and DNA, but also craft practices to connect with lineage beyond our cultural or familial memory.
According to one model, each of us has in our lineage around six billion ancestors...and that's just from the past 12,000 years.
All of those lives existed to create your life. And the ancestors live on, quite literally, in and through us, shaping our physical and spiritual descendants. Working with the ancestors, learning their stories and myths, their practices and foods, their songs and crafts is an incredible healing.

And ancestors are not simply human. We carry within us the other beings and creatures of this earth. The elements, the wights. We will spend time creating protected channels for ancestral communication, to see who from the human and non-human lineages wishes to speak through you.

Myth as Healer:In the world of myth and magic there once lived a woman with an ear for the wind. She lived in a moon blessed house somewhere between the seasons. She was quite young, and so very old. Lean in, child at the edge of the world, for her story has something to say to you.

We are made of stories, every aspect of our lives a tale. Yet we have forgotten how to connect with the mirror of healing inherent in myth, and so the difficult stories in our lives--rites of passage, death transitions, massive transformations like illness, divorce or childbirth--are born into the world devoid of mythic meaning.
In this class we will restore our relationship with the greater ongoing stories, find sacred tales from our lineage that support and nourish our current transformations--or celebrate and integrate an old rite of passage that left a hole in our soul. We will find our place in the world of myth and magic, curl at the hearth of the ancient grandmothers, and listen as they sing to us our new names.
When did you stop believing your life was a story worth telling?

And more, for a total of 14 classes including archived courses no longer visible to the public.

--Priority registration and discounts for Wild Soul School live intensive classes and workshops.

--Exclusive access to member-only offerings, which include but are not limited to: gatherings, research and resource referral, lectures and writing on topics such as ancestral connection, practice, initiation and rites of passage, creativity, living with dís-ability, writing and more.


After nearly three years of unemployment and fourteen months of waiting, my application for Social Security Disability Insurance was denied. The person deciding my claim stated that I could return to full-time university teaching with ME/CFS/CIRS, a direct contradiction of my doctor who has mandated I limit my cognitive and physical activities to 15 hours a week in order to avoid relapse. The heartbreak of yet another person denying this embodied reality was staggering. I spent a week in grief.

Then, I decided to take action.

I know that my writing matters, my art has a place, that my voice has helped some of you navigate your own dís-ability, or entertained you with myth, or moved you to tears, or opened your mind to new academic paths...I believe in my work. So I thought I would try an experiment: can I raise donations to support these projects?

Community members help keep the Wild Soul School alive and accessible. In my life, supporters become a sustaining circle, offering a true social security. In the years since my disability denial my health has been variable, and my medical limitations remain, but donations have helped me keep the focus on healing, offering, art and writing and to not lose hope. You may contribute here, or become a patron on Patreon. Patrons receive additional resources and rewards throughout the month. When you sign up on Patreon you receive a coupon code to enroll here at no additional charge.

I believe this is possible. I believe in our collective power. I believe that we can support each other in creating new ways of being in this life and world.

So, dear one, if you are here, contributing, co-creating, supporting, making this true, I honor you.

With blessings and balance and gratitude--


Your Instructor

Lara Vesta
Lara Vesta

Lara Irene Vesta is a writer, artist and educator exploring sacred stories and lineage traditions. She is the author of the Moon Divas Guidebook, Wild Soul Runes and Year of the Dark Goddess: A Journey of Ritual, Renewal and Rebirth. Her current creative practice is reclaiming offline life, renewing faith and remembering ancestral crafts and skills. She shares this journey in theOlden Practice newsletter and through by-donation classes at the Wild Soul School. For more information visit laravesta.co, or become a patron and help support this work in community: https://www.patreon.com/larairene

Course Curriculum

  Initiation and Rites of Passage Stages
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Courses Included with Purchase

The Foundations of Ancestral Animism
A 13 Day Practice to Awaken Your Gnosis
Lara Vesta
By Donation
Spirit & Story Sacred Writing Workshop
What will be the story that spirit tells through you?
Lara Vesta
Unlearn Online
A community study group for returning to the real.
Lara Vesta
By Donation
(1) The Dark Goddess Project Online
an online rite of passage journey community for Coven members
Lara Vesta
By Donation
(1) 13 Days: A Ritual Practice
Lara Vesta
(1) The Feast of the Dísir: A Devotional Journey
Honoring the Ancestral Feminine
Lara Vesta
2 payments of $50/month
(1) Living Ancestral Connection
Re-Weaving Legacy
Lara Vesta
(1) Wild Soul Runes
Connect with the runes, ancestors, divination and community in supported gnosis practice.
Lara Vesta
(1) Wild Soul Runes Live Gnosis Rune Practice
Thirty-three week nonlinear community practice with the runes.
Lara Vesta
(1) Myth as Healer
Weaving wyrd with art, myth and story.
Lara Vesta
(1) CIRCLE: Healing the Witch Wound
Circle for healing and reclaiming.
Lara Vesta
(1) The Power Class
Hear Your Power
Lara Vesta
(1) Natural Divination: A Mini Course
Aligning the wisdom within
Lara Vesta
(1) The Art of Self-Initiation
a rite of passage: open the channel -articulate purpose -deepen ancestral connection -healing the witch wound ​
Lara Vesta
(1) The Runic Feminine
A deep journey into the mysteries of the runes.
Lara Vesta
(1) Runic Feminine Collective--Live Gnosis Group
A live ceremonial study group to compliment the Runic Feminine journey.
Lara Vesta

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The private member classroom may be explored at your leisure for the duration of your patronage. Members receive many benefits, including unlimited access to Wild Soul School courses, class archives and a central location for resources not seen anyplace else.
How long do I have access to the course?
Membership extends for the duration of your patronage. Should your patronage end, you will lose access to the private classroom and associated Wild Soul School courses one month after your last patron payment. If you cannot afford membership, there are scholarship positions available. Please email me: [email protected]
Do you offer refunds?
This private classroom is offered as a reward to patrons who make accessibility possible at the school. All donations support me in working with my disability, which sometimes means my classes are not able to be taught or administrated to typical able-bodied expectations. Because of this unique funding structure and my unique body, I do not offer refunds. Please consider your desire to support and accommodate difference before you purchase a class.

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