The Power Class Welcome

Welcome to The Power Class! This video introduces the course structure, which includes a live weekly meeting beginning on January 17, 2018 via Zoom--details to follow--at 10 am PST. Meetings will be recorded for anyone who can't participate at that time, and will include a ritual, meditation and time for a q and a with sharing. Weekly course materials also include a video lecture and the Power Weaving workbook pages--hand drawn, interactive. explorations into power from a variety of perspectives.

If you get a buzz in the audio please lower the volume on the video screen itself, then turn the volume up on your device. I apologize for any audio challenges, I'm still working with the equipment.

I'm delighted to begin this journey with you. As always, this work is nonlinear and may be joined at any time. Once you are enrolled in the course all course materials will be available to you indefinitely, so if you need to step away and come back to the class you have the ability to continue the work in pace with your life.