Introduction to Living Ancestral Connection

This is a course outline for Living Ancestral Connection. This year (2021) in preparation for the Dark Goddess project I am inviting folks to revisit/root in to the Ancestral Connection content. The Live Study Group has been canceled due to health issues.

Week 1

Traversing the Motherline

Stories of Mothers

Storytelling as MotherCraft

The Nonbinary and Reclaiming of a Whole

Wyrd and örlög: Weaving the Path 

The Three Sisters

Owning History:  Language, Migrations, Translations and Exchange

Ancestral Research Methods



Week 2

Wights and Place-Based Ancestor Work

Old Europe and Ancestral Societies

Indigenous perspectives on spirit and place


Devotion to the Land

Fairies, Elves, Hüldra and the Animate World

Fylgia, Haminga, Dísir and Nornir

Week 3

Healing Ancestral Wounds

Reparations: Weregild

Anticapitalist Ancestral Work

Mythic Resilience 

Service as Ancestor Work

Ancestral Activism

Ancestral Animism

Land Regeneration:  Restorative Ancestral Practice



Week 4

Weaving Ancestral Lifeways

Returning to the Story

The Ancestral Wheels

Mythic Time

Ancestral Skills:  Plant Medicine, Sacred Art, Fiber Arts, Earth Arts, Magic

Integrative Living

Myths and Stories

The Myth Path

​Welcome to Living Ancestral Connection

Dear Community--We are just a few weeks away from beginning our journey together. While we move through this lunar cycle, I invite you to explore the preparation materials in the classroom--I will be adding new downloads and videos weekly until we begin. If you wish to receive email notifications about this class, please be sure to update your settings at the Wild Soul School to opt in to email communication. 

I have added materials to our classroom today, including interactive downloadable pages for exploring the following concepts:

Family Stories

Moving into Mythic Time and Ancestral Calendars

Story Work: Myths of the Future, Myths of the Past

And some new/old information on ritual and rites of passage for you to view.

None of this work is required, nor do you need to engage with it directly...explore if it calls to you and begin to hold your intentions for ancestral connection at the edges of your consciousness...

A few housekeeping topics:

RITUAL: This moon is a great time to begin a daily ritual practice in preparation for our class. I have bundled the 13 Day Ritual Practice with this course (it should show up in your Teachable class list) for anyone who needs support. I have also added a section in the classroom with ritual models and rites of passage information, for anyone who is new to/wishes to deepen in with ritual practice.

OFFERING: If you registered for this class using the by donation/gift option and were admitted for free but want to donate, don't worry! Teachable doesn't have a donation button (most schools on the platform are for profit), so I remove the paywall and accept voluntary gifts by PayPal ([email protected]) and Venmo (@LaraVesta). This model is made possible by my patron community on Patreon, and all of the other generous donors who sustain this work. Payment is always appreciated but never required.

HONORING: All work in this class is protected by copyright, so please do not use or distribute downloads/etc. without permission. If you wish to use or share anything publicly, feel free to ask, I love to share and am very generous with permissions as long as the work is cited properly. Showing your own work with these materials is always totally fine!

INQUIRY: The basis for all of my teaching is inquiry--meaning we ask, and attempt to answer, our own questions while sharing the path of gnosis and research. You are the best source of information on your ancestors. They are not separate from you, but live inside of you. My role is to support your journey by sharing what has helped me in my own. If you have questions, I invite you to research and explore on your own first, listening deeply--answers can take time--then bring your question to the group--you can email me and I will host several Q and A videos in the weeks ahead, as well as having time for questions at the end of class when we meet live. When we outsource our ancestral connection we disempower ourselves. I believe we are all capable of crafting nourishing connections with our own ancestors, and I trust your power, potency, wholehearted ability in this process. 

TRANSCRIPTS: I am striving to provide transcripts for all video and audio I offer in the class. There may be a slight delay sometimes, please be patient as I work with limited energy and resources to create these.

JOY: This path has been a healing for my heart, and continues to offer me so much joy. In this time of many trials, I invite you to find the joys of the everyday. Ancestral joys. Joys of food, music, earth, gardens, animals, children, tending and making. If you start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, turning to the joy may help soothe and realign--at least, it does for me.

Until the next message, I send you love in the opening or continuing of your lineage wyrd.

With joy to the journey--


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